We’re Reopening!—and Launching a Summer Enrichment Program

Dear Parents and Guardians,

If nothing changes, we will be opening Connections on June 8th. This year has been a rough one, to say the least! School districts have put eLearning in place as quickly as possible, but only so much can be done in such a short amount of time. Everyone is trying their best to help their children with eLearning; however, many parents and teachers have voiced concerns about children falling behind. During a normal summer, children lose 85% of what they have learned during the school year. This year we have no idea what the impact of time off and switching to eLearning will have. Now there is even more urgency to make sure students use the summer to prepare for next year. To that end, Connections Learning Center will be offering enrichment classes for Language Arts (reading, writing, vocabulary) and Math. Of course, we will also be offering all our usual, innovative programs we have always offered.

The Language Arts classes will give students an opportunity to improve their literacy experiences by leading them through non-fiction selections related to the same theme. In each selection, students will learn, practice, and apply strategies to their reading, writing, and thinking. Students will work with partners to construct shared knowledge prior to writing shared responses to text-dependent questions. Instruction will be supplemented and refined daily to meet the needs of the students as well as heavy vocabulary being included. Math will be the second part of the class and will make sure students are ready for the next level of math in the fall.

Please Note:

  • Common Core State Standards will be applied.
  • Class size will be 2 students per teacher in Westchester, 2-4 students in Beverly (it’s about space) and will be 2 hours & 30 minutes
  • Classes will be fun and engaging. We all learn best when fun takes place!
  • Evaluations will be done ahead of time in-order to place each student in the appropriate grade level curriculum.

There will be 2, 6-week sessions:

  • 1st Session Tues-Thurs June 9th – July 16th
  • 2nd Session Tues-Thurs July-21st – August 27th

Daily Sessions: Clients can choose one of the following start times:

  • 9:00 AM – 11:30AM  or  12:00PM – 2:30PM  or  3:00PM – 5:30PM


One 6 week class: 45 hours total 

(IF PAID IN ADVANCE) $1125.00 / 25.00 per hr. 
(IF PAID WEEKLY) $225.00 weekly / 30.00 per hr.


What curriculum is best for my student?

  • If your child has been doing Brain Boost or Wilson Reading with us, continuing those programs will best benefit him/her.

What will the cost be?

  • Our online classes were discounted at first, but this summer the costs will go back to what they were before Covid. Our literature/math classes are specially priced for the summer.

What are our safety practices once we open?

  • Masks will be worn when at the front of the clinic.
  • Clear acrylic partitions will be placed on the tables in between the teacher and student. This way masks can be removed during sessions, which will create a better teaching experience.
  • Chairs will be placed outside each cubicle, so the students will not have to wait upfront.
  • Of course, we will continue to disinfect all areas after each student.
    We will continue to offer online sessions if parents prefer that option

When will the center be open?

  • We will re-open on June 8th
  • We will continue to also offer online sessions