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Summer Enrichment Program

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Connections Learn Center is pleased to introduce summer enrichment classes for Language Arts and Math. Sessions will sharpen your child’s skills in reading, writing, vocabulary, and mathematical concepts. 

Classes take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and are available online or at our tutoring center in Beverly. The first session begins June 9, and the second session starts July 21. Students will be evaluated prior to placement in an appropriate grade-level curriculum.

The Language Arts classes will expose students to a range of nonfiction selections based on a theme. They will learn, practice, and apply new skills, working with a partner in an environment carefully designed with their safety in mind.

The Math sessions will prepare students for the next level of Math they will be taking in the fall

Choose from two 6-week sessions starting June 9 or July 21.

All classes are designed to engage your child, while curbing the learning loss that many students will suffer as a result of missing so much school. In addition, please note the following:

  • Common Core Standards will be applied.
  • Class size will be 2–4 students per teacher in Beverly. The classes are also available online.
  • Daily sessions will be 2 hours and 30 minutes. Choose from these slots: 9:00–11:30 am; 12:00–2:30 pm; 3:00–5:00 pm
  • Classes will be fun and engaging. Students learn best when they are enjoying themselves!
  • Payment in full offers the best value! If paid in advance, the program is $1,125 ($25/hour). If paid weekly, the cost is $225 per week ($30/hour). 

If you would like to learn more or register for one of the sessions, please submit your information below. Thank you for your interest!