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Is school a struggle?  Are you and your child spending twice as much time doing homework as you should be?  Are you frustrated and at your wits end?  Have you been told your child has a learning disability?  Do you hear things like, "your child is lazy," or "he can't focus or attend."  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.

What makes us different and why traditional tutoring usually doesn't help 

When a student is "tutored," the focus is on a content area, such as math or reading and that content is simply retaught.  Although we offer tutoring for students who need just a little help with content, most of what we do is very different. What we do is called remediation- we remediate the problem. We want to find the root cause or the reason a perfectly bright student isn't doing well in subject areas.  Once the root cause is found we can suggest the right program so that the problem is fixed. If students are going to be successful in school they must possess the necessary processing tools that support academic skills.  Here at Connections we prepare the brain for learning.  Then the student is able to learn the material being taught.  If the brain is not prepared for learning then reading, math, social studies, language arts, science can all be difficult.

Think of our processing skills as the foundation of a house.  Without a strong foundation the rest of the house cannot stand.  The first floor is our executive functioning skills and the second floor is our academics.  Without each part of the house being strong, the other part cannot stand strongly.

Skills our Programs Target:

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Processing Speed
  • Auditory processing, language, and communication
  • Visual Processing
  • Stress Response such as anxiety & depression
  • Creative Expression
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Executive Function
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Motor Coordination and Sensory Integration
  • Internal Timing and organization
  • Self-awareness
  • Social and Emotional Function
  • Logic and Reasoning

Connections Learning Center can help determine your child's strengths, weaknesses and academic level and can provide solutions to overcome the challenges they may encounter.

Call today to schedule your free consultation and find out how we can help your child succeed, in and out of the classroom!

To find out how we can help your child succeed, in and out of the classroom

Call today to schedule your free consultation 773-238-4526

Deb and her staff are professional, caring and dedicated. They not only help the child with whatever educational difficulties they are having but they also instill confidence and improve their esteem.

- M.M.