We help students perform better in all subject areas. remember more learn faster Find out how We help students perform better in all subject areas. remember more learn faster Find out how

Online Tutoring Provides Live Instruction at Home

Our new online tutoring service is the perfect way for tutors and students to stay on track when they cannot meet in person. All of our great learning programs are available through live, one-on-one sessions online!

Time to Start Thinking About Summer Programs

Have you heart about the Summer Slide? Don’t let your child fall into the trap! Help your child stay on top academically with summer tutoring. It’s not too early to start planning! We offer a range of specialty programs and can customize them to meet your child’s needs.

Our New Writing Program Has Launched!

Help your child hone the writing skills needed to complete term papers, college applications, and essay questions on the ACT or SAT. Inquire about tutoring sessions with our writing specialist at Connections Learning Center!


Connections Learning Center offers alternative educational therapy, as well as tutoring in various subject areas. What makes us different than our competition? Brain training! Find out what many clients have already discovered: the brain can be trained to learn information faster, retain it better, and improve performance  in all arenas.

Our Mission

We want to help every student who walks through our door to become as independent and successful a learner as possible. The highly trained clinicians at Connections Learning Center provide one-on-one instruction designed around the needs of each student. We test the latest research-validated strategies and programs to ensure that we are providing the highest level of services to our clients.