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Brain Training & Tutoring Services

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Online Tutoring Delivers Live Instruction at Home

Our new online tutoring service is the perfect way for tutors and students to stay on track when they cannot meet in person. All of our great brain training and tutoring  programs are available through live, one-on-one sessions online! 

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Fall E-Learning & Homeschooling Help is Here!

We are expanding our hours this fall to offer additional help to families who are navigating e-learning or homeschooling. Our highly trained staff can provide the assistance your student needs to transition to a new learning system.

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Polish College Essays with Our New Writing Program

Help your child hone the writing skills needed to complete term papers, college applications, and essay questions on the ACT or SAT with our specialized tutoring services in Chicago and Westchester, IL. Inquire about tutoring sessions with our writing specialist at Connections Learning Center! 


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Connections Learning Center offers alternative educational therapy, as well as tutoring services in various subject areas throughout Chicago, Westchester, LaGrange, and more. What makes us different than our competition? Brain training! Find out what many clients have already discovered: the brain can be trained to learn information faster, retain it better, and improve performance in all arenas. 

Our Mission

We want to help every student who walks through our door to become as independent and successful of a learner as possible. Whether your child needs improvement in memory enhancement, reading comprehension, math skills, or anything in between, the highly trained clinicians at Connections Learning Center provide one-on-one instruction designed around the needs of each student. We specialize in helping students with ADHD, dyslexia, auditory processing, and more! We also test the latest research-validated strategies and programs to ensure that we are providing the highest level of cognitive brain training and tutoring services to our clients.  


Learn more about the specialized tutoring and brain training programs we offer at Connections Learning Center and how we can help here! If your child struggles in school or has special needs, we’re here to provide individualized training. Above all else, we are dedicated to helping your child become a more successful student. Contact us today!