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Find out about our services, methods, and results achieved over a decade of tutoring.

What We Do

Since 2004, we have been helping families with their educational needs. We are more than passionate about our students’ success.

Upcoming Workshop

Connections Learning Center is presenting a FREE workshop on Wednesday, May 1, for parents of children with learning disabilities. The program will be held at the LaGrange Public Library at 7:00 pm.

About connections learning center

Connections Learning Center offers alternative educational therapy, as well as tutoring in various subject areas. What makes us different than our competition? Brain training! Find out what many clients have already discovered: the brain can be trained to learn information faster, retain it better, and improve performance  in all arenas.

Our mission

To determine the needs of every student who walks through our doors and find a way to address those needs. We are solution oriented and we get results. We provide one-on-one instruction with o highly trained clinician and are continually looking for the most effective and efficient strategies and programs. Our mission is to help every student who comes to Connections become as independent and successful a learner as possible.

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