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Private Online Tutoring Services

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Connections Learning Center is pleased to offer all of its great learning programs online! We provide private online tutoring services that will strengthen your child’s learning skills. Through our partner Tutorcast, we are now providing one-on-one live tutoring sessions. 

Online Tutoring

Most parents aren’t professional educators. If you’re struggling to assist your child with the transition to e-learning, we can help with our virtual tutoring services. If your child needs help, we will just be one click away!  

The specialists at Connections Learning Center can work virtually and one on one with your student to complete school assignments, teach new concepts, prepare for an upcoming test such as the ACT and SAT, or address a range of learning weaknesses. Our goal is to optimize the learning potential of every students! 

Online tutoring is an ideal option for families sheltering at home. There’s no reason why your children should fall behind in their learning! We’re here for you, whether your student needs help strengthening specific learning skills or is preparing for a standardized test. Connections Learning Center will be with you every step of the way—but at a safe distance with our private online tutoring services.  

Is your smart child struggling in any of these areas?

If so, we strongly recommend our one-on-one tutoring services. Your student will be given a personalized strategy that will help your student conquer his or her learning weakness. 

At Connections Learning Center, we want to see our students succeed. Our licensed teachers are excited and prepared to help your child virtually learn. If you have any questions about our private online tutoring services, please contact us. Just send us a quick email, and we’ll reach out with details about our online tutoring services!