Optimize your Child's Learning Potential

Cognitive Brain Training & Tutoring Programs

We’ve helped hundreds of students overcome learning obstacles and fulfill their potential. Curious about our process? Contact us!

Could your high achieving child do even better in school?

We bet the answer is yes. At Connections Learning Center, we work with students to help them reach their peak academic performance with our cognitive brain training and tutoring programs in Chicago. 

Is your smart child struggling with any of these issues?

  • Reading, written expression, or spelling
  • Retaining information
  • Following directions
  • Understanding time
  • Performing inconsistently on tests
  • Understanding and applying math concepts
  • Paying attention
  • Organizing ideas
  • Behaving impulsively
  • Communicating thoughts

Connections Learning Center is experienced in helping students overcome challenges so that they can learn successfully. Our seasoned professionals help students of all ages strengthen their learning skills–so they can learn faster, remember more, and perform better in all subject areas.


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Request a consultation to find out how we can help your child! We offer complimentary 15-minute phone interviews so that you can ask questions and learn about our cognitive brain training services and tutoring programs. 

How can we help your student achieve their academic potential?

  1. We start with an evaluation, to determine your child’s areas of potential growth.
  2. With a detailed analysis of their learning style, we can customize a plan to help them strengthen targeted skills.
  3. Your student works one on one with private clinicians using our proven methods for brain training and skill development. We target weak areas and build a foundation of skills.
  4. You see the difference with improved academic outcomes.

Give your child an advantage with a one-on-one, private clinician.

Connections Learning Center has a proven track record of helping students achieve greater results in and out of school. We offer a variety of specialty cognitive brain training and tutoring programs in Chicago and online that strengthen learning skills from the ground up. 

“I teach junior high and high school mathematics and have had more than a few students go to Connections Learning Center. The improvements have been immediate and substantial. I asked them how the changes occurred, and they raved about this place.” —Joe L.