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Test Preparation in Chicago

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Test Prep Classes

If you are concerned about your child’s testing abilities, schedule a Gibson Test with us in the fall to see if he or she has any processing deficits. We offer test preparation in Chicago and Westchester, as well as programs that can strengthen students’ processing skills. Once those are addressed, a student can take a standardized test and see their scores soar! 


More than two million students take the SAT and ACT tests each year, making it tough to be accepted into the best colleges and universities. At Connections, we are dedicated to helping your college-bound son or daughter receive the highest scores possible on the ACT/SAT. A good score will improve their chances of getting into the school of their choice, as well as the possibility of receiving scholarships. We want to help your student get there with our test preparation in Chicago. 

Connections Learning Center has a proven track record raising test scores. We fully prepare students for the ACT and make sure they build the skills and confidence needed to do their personal best on test day. Whether it is the student’s first time taking the test or the third, we provide highly individualized training and exam prep in Chicago and Westchester to help them improve their performance. 

If your student is diagnosed with a learning disability or has scored lower than 19 on a previous ACT, we recommend remediation before they begin ACT prep classes with us.

All our ACT prep is done one-on-one.  Students work with highly qualified teachers who individualize the work based on the needs of the student.

High School Entrance Exams

We offer classes to prepare 7th and 8th graders for the private high school entrance exams or the Chicago Public Schools Selective Enrollment exam.

Other Exams

Our clinicians can help students prepare for a variety of other exams, including:

  • The GRE (Graduate Entrance Exam)
  • College placement exams
  • The GED (General Educational Development Test

Ready To Learn More About Connections Learning Center’s Test Preparation in Chicago? 

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